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Who's the next Microsoft? Google or Apple?

Once upon a time, nine of every ten systems ran Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft was then the tycoon megalith in the world of computers and internet.

Times have changed. Open source operating systems like Linux, and others from Sun, Macintosh have eaten into Microsoft's share. The monopoly that lent Microsoft the ability to bull-doze opponents is no more available. Microsoft, though, is still a megalith.

In this age of internet and iphones -- two new monoliths are aiming to become the next megalith. Google and Apple.

Anyone, who wants to find some piece of info on the internet, uses the "Google" search engine. This has sort of made Google omnipresent in every computer that is connected to the net. Google is used as the gateway by the people to reach the sites they want to view. Only a few people use other search engines like that of Yahoo! or Bing. By introducing more products like the GMail mail service provider integrated with the voice and video enable…