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A Response

I was spurred to write this in response to the stupid statuses and comments that were being posted in the facebook group - Youth for a corruption free india.

It is imperative that the members of this group use their brains instead of ___ to think.

1. Regardless of Baba Ramdev's background, the cause he's championing is worth fighting - for EVERYONE, whatever their persuasion may be. The only criteria is that they have our nation's, and it's people's good at heart.

2. This is the "biggest scamster govt in the world" at the moment, as Chetan Bhagat tweeted. There are no second thoughts on it.

3. The Baba having a *multi-million dollar yoga empire*, or getting *entire islands gifted by his devotees* are non-issues here. None of them are underhanded dealings unless proved so. And until now all of his activities since before the campaign have been quite transparent - the media has been sifting through them with microscopic scrutiny and so is the govt, from the…