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What? Tricolor will not be hoisted on Republic Day?!?

Yup. That's true. The Tricolor - more adorably termed the Tiranga - will not be hoisted this Republic Day. Can you believe it? I could not and am shocked!
You should have already guessed the location by now; exactly, it is Lal Chowk in Srinagar. And no, this is not new. The tradition of flag-hoisting has already been obstructed last year.
This year's controversy began with the BJP and the Abdullahs exchanging tirades. Abdullah junior announcing that "peace will be disturbed in Kashmir Valley, if the BJP hoists national flag" with Abdullah senior separately berating the BJP and BJP retorting to it.
BJP will unfurl the Tricolor and not it's party flag. So why the hullabaloo? But Omar Abdullah wisely asks "officials and elected members will be unfurling the national flag across the state, why should the BJP do it?"
We are asking, "Why not?" Mr Abdullah, sir. What's the problem with unfurling the national flag on the Republic Day? Is it now wrong …