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Today was my last day. Tomorrow is my first day.

Today I was working. In a mid-sized corporate company. I quit today. From tomorrow i'm taking up a new role. Many new roles in fact.

Foremost among those roles will be - a student.

It had taken me two years and a little more to make this decision; the one that was in the back of my mind all the time. But I was afraid. To make the change. Afraid of the initial period, where I might have to struggle. Afraid to leave the comfort and security and the routine. I was not confident to take that step and venture out in to the big, bad world - paradoxically.

Not anymore. I'm raring to go now. There is still that small, tiny-winy bit of fear. But i'm confident of crossing any obstacle that would come across my path.

This confidence originated in the understanding of the paradox. For I was already out in the big, bad world. If I decide to leave it, I would actually go to a more secure and stable world - from the world of money to the world of knowledge.

I want to study and gain new s…