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A Late Welcome to 2013

Why is it that I can never do the one most important thing I always want to do, i.e. write 1000 words a day? This is one serious issue, which I never could fathom. I write reams of comments on facebook - a lot of arguments, debates, jabs and pokes, and plain nonsense. But I somehow seem to slowly lose the ability to sit down and compile my thoughts. It is with such a sad state of affairs that I have to welcome an otherwise hearty 2013, after a nice, overall pleasant and wonderful passing of 2012.

2012 brought me several new friends. I started learning a foreign language - espaƱol - and hope to reach a comfortable level, to speak and write. I learned swimming, though I am yet to perfect it. I got a comfortable new job, in which I can confidently stay for a good amount of time to come. I added quite a number of books to my library. Oh yes, I even got this brand new laptop, Lenovo Y480. It is another story that I could not do much of what I primarily wanted to do with this laptop - which…