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A Late Welcome to 2013

Why is it that I can never do the one most important thing I always want to do, i.e. write 1000 words a day? This is one serious issue, which I never could fathom. I write reams of comments on facebook - a lot of arguments, debates, jabs and pokes, and plain nonsense. But I somehow seem to slowly lose the ability to sit down and compile my thoughts. It is with such a sad state of affairs that I have to welcome an otherwise hearty 2013, after a nice, overall pleasant and wonderful passing of 2012.

2012 brought me several new friends. I started learning a foreign language - español - and hope to reach a comfortable level, to speak and write. I learned swimming, though I am yet to perfect it. I got a comfortable new job, in which I can confidently stay for a good amount of time to come. I added quite a number of books to my library. Oh yes, I even got this brand new laptop, Lenovo Y480. It is another story that I could not do much of what I primarily wanted to do with this laptop - which is, as you might already know, is to write.

Life then goes on with its own interesting ups and downs. 2012 had it's share of moments of sorrow, pangs of separation, tense situation of nerves, exhilarating periods and celebration times. I got the opportunity for a bit of travel, including to Idinthakarai, near Koodankulam. I attended the Banglore edition of "We Read Therefore We Are" book club for the first time. And then I went again. Then there was a pleasant and highly educative tour to around 15 Hoysala temples in South Karnataka. These were interspersed with trips to regular places like Kerala and KGF.

Some old friends relocated to other places. Some new friends dropped in to fill those empty spaces - at least to an extent. Several cousins and friends entered into marital bliss. Some people, who probably don't deserve the term "friends" anymore, didn't have the courtesy to lend a human touch to their invites, preferring to relegate it to a facebook RSVP. Time really did reveal who are true friends. However, I'm fortunate in getting so many opportunities to rebuild friendships from long last. Even if I missed rekindling a few really old friendships in 2012, I'm hopeful that opportunities will arise again for me to reach out to them.

I look forward to all those opportunities, new people, new places and new experiences that 2013 will take me to! :-)


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