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A Really Dumb Post

The post started with this judgmental title It’s official: Internet Explorer users are dumb that spurred me to read on. After the initial few lines it aroused my interest enough to read it fully and even write a blog post (the one you are reading right now!). But a comment the author (who confessed to a low IQ) made at the very end of the post made me wonder how did he end up as a writer. These are actually not writers, but recyclers who cut and paste stuff from other sources. Large herds of such recyclers prowl the internet and are dreadfully substandard.

What it says

The post begins by advertising the results of a survey done by some consultancy, who hosted an online IQ test and kept track of the browser used by each participant to reach the test. After the end of the survey period, they compiled their data and concluded this following result (as the author of the post claimed):

A significant number of individuals with a low score on the cognitive test were found to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6.0 to 9.0. There was no significant difference in the IQ scores between individuals using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari; however, it was on an average higher than IE users. Individuals using Opera, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame scored a little higher on an average than others. These data support the hypothesis that the IQ score and the choice of web browser are related.

Immediately, I had a doubt. What about the IQ levels of internet users like me, who use multiple browsers at the same time? (Yeah, this question is to simply gratify my ego. I am quite sure people like me will be at the top of the IQ scale. Period)

What I use

I predominantly use Mozilla Firefox ever since I came to know about it some six years ago. I however, use a secondary browser, always. That is ever since I discovered a simple thing: you can access two different accounts in the same network/provider through two different browsers. Sometimes, I even use three browsers at the same time.

I have tried many (and all of the popular) browsers to use as secondary, like Opera, Maxthon, Avant, Flock, Epic, Safari, Netscape Navigator, Konqueror. But I've always ended up using IE (8 now) along with Opera, Maxthon as my secondary and tertiary browsers to go with Firefox. Personally, Opera and IE are worthy alternates to Firefox, with Opera barely edging out IE.

The survey claims individuals on the lower side of the IQ scale tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers though how they account for people with normally high IQ, but without much of an acquaintance with computers and internet and who may end up using outdated versions of all kinds of software, browsers being just one among the many such, is not mentioned in that post.

The Gem of a Moron

The writer confessed that he used IE and by his own admission is a person of low IQ. What's surprising is, he proves that he has a low IQ by a moronic claim.

However, we should get AptiQuant to check what browsers are used by our Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies and by Baba Ramdev.
I’m fairly certain they’re all IE users (those of them who are computer users, that is); all I want is ratification – and AptiQuant could do that.

Being curious and asking questions is normal. But arriving at self-made conclusions is clear indication of low IQ. Especially when you mention people who occupy two extremes of the corruption/integrity curve in the same breath as though they are all bedfellows. I am inclined to believe that the writer of that post on firstpost was neither familiar with technology, nor aware of the political scene or informed about its players. 

It's not our elected representatives who have low IQ, since they are intelligent enough to remain in power while being corrupt enough to suck the lifeblood out of the nation. It is us voters that have low IQ, who keep electing crooks and plunderers again and again, knowing fully well that they are exactly that and nothing more.


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