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Think before you blame

One of the first news report I read this morning is this -

It immediately elicited a flurry of responses along expected lines from the usual, useful idiots. Even the basic courtesy of expressing condolences for the dead person and the bereaving family was seen to have been forgotten, in their haste to tie their favorite punching bags to the conspiracy. They did not stop to think that the outfit named here had as much probability to be NOT related to RSS or any other parivar organizations, and could be floated by anyone, and funded by anyone. Not that the useful idiots ever demonstrated an ability to think. Now they are also demonstrating their insensitivity to loss - because it is a loss only to someone else and not to them.

Without digging back on their 1400 year history, and with events of only the 21st century, we can conclude that the followers of a particular desert theocracy have been one of the most violent humans in the history of humans. However, we still consciously refrain from saying "all ___ are not terrorists, but all terrorists ___" because we understand the absurdity of that statement.

On the contrary, we have no qualms in tying any action, of any dumb Hindu, in any part of the world to Modi and to the RSS. I wonder why we are so hasty to write our personal judgments - even though they are totally worthless - without stopping to think how this could have been done by anyone, and the circumstances could have been anything. Still we would blame all of it on the leader elected by a majority of the population.

Modi, his team and his party simply don't have any inclination for all this nonsense like plotting vengeance, shutting down cities and killing people. They don't have enough time to even work on their economic agenda and are being overstretched on governance, as it is now. They are absolutely not going to waste even a second on something as pathetic as vengeance.

But knowing fully well that Modi and his team is focusing full steam on bringing the country back on track - some elements are keen on not allowing that to happen. This could be anyone and it is easy to point fingers at the other side. But there could be enough Hindu idiots too, who would want to focus on their stupid fanaticism, instead of the economy and eradicating poverty.

My suspicion lingers on people who kept ranting before the election, that if Modi comes to power, this country will see bloodshed. Most of them are obviously frustrated - first, in spite of their hate-mongering, Modi still won, and won with a majority; second - that Modi is not acting
according to their predictions, and probably never will, because he simply was not such a person as they painted him to be. There is enough space to suspect that quite a few of them are capable of trying to make their words come true, so that they can blame Modi for it later.

Another important fact that all useful idiots conveniently forget is that, knowing the Hindu belligerence to be on an upward curve, somebody wantonly uploaded derogatory pictures and posts on facebook and circulated them on WhatsApp. Who did it? Again, this could be anyone. But are those persons not equally responsible for the loss of life and property as the people who actually took to violence? Think.


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